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Memorial created 12-31-2006 by
Rachel Ebanks
Krisstoffer Lloyd Jefferson
March 3 1982 - December 29 2002

So Many Questions Slowly driving home from work I gaze into the sky. So much heartache, so much pain.. I silently scream "dear God, dear God why?" Why did you have to take my child? How could you leave our home in turmoil? ...Excuse me, why did you take him from me? Did I hear you say .."to set him free"? Did you see handcuffs on his hands.. or chains around his feet? How can you stand up there and say.. "I took him to set him free"? Silently you look at me, tears streaming down your face. You gently wipe away my tears.. and whisper tenderly, "my dear child, please listen carefully" You couldn't see the handcuffs, you couldn't hear the chains, but your precious child was hurting, he was filled with so much pain. It wasn't in my Father's plan, to take your child from you. His plans were for you and your child to live forever on this land. But sin came, and it was not to be, so He had to take your child. My Father saw all of your son's pain.. He couldn't leave him all alone He had to set him free. Free from the violence of this earth. He took him to a better place. A place so peaceful and beautiful, a place, he would never again be hurt. But I'll tell you what he's doing now. He's freely walking Heaven's streets.. smiling at everyone he meets. His face so handsome and serene. Don't you think he's better there.. where he'll never again feel pain? Written in memory of my precious son Krisstoffer Jefferson Who was brutally murdered December 29, 2002. Forever Loved. Your mummy


BIRTHDAY KISSES This morning I slowly climbed out of bed To face this day with so much dread. Sadly I walked towards your room, this day is filled with so much gloom. Where would I place your birthday gift? the same place I am placing your birthday kiss. Oh God what am I supposed to do? I can't go through this alone. Dear Lord I really need your help. I need you to deliver this to my son. Tell him I remember every one... those birthday kisses that he loved so much, the kisses I placed upon my darling's cheeks, cheeks that I can no longer touch. So Lord please deliver "25" birthday kisses to my darling Kriss, and let him know that his birthday hugs, his mummy will forever miss. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY'S SWEET BABY BOY" I LOVE YOU.


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