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Memorial created 12-31-2006 by
Rachel Ebanks
Krisstoffer Lloyd Jefferson
March 3 1982 - December 29 2002

Kriss on his journey to Heaven on the wings of a dove


Kriss loving the beach


Kriss on his way home from the hospital - 1 week old


Kriss & his brother George having fun at the beach


Ouch Kriss You're choking me!!(George & Kriss)


mummy is anyone looking?


yummie this apple is delicious


ye ye George I know how much you love me


hey mummy want to go for a boat ride with me and donald duck?


me and my daddy


yeah me and the boxing champ - heh leave some cheek


daddy giving me a horseback ride


I love being an indian and riding my pony


"George let me open some presents too" (Kriss & George)


George I don't want to stay here any more (Kriss & George in St. Augustine)


my baby at school - what a sweetheart


mummy you got me the cd!!


I knew you were gonna get me my bike - Kriss at 15


wake up Jace, Santa came (Kriss & Jace)


Jace here is your Barney (Kriss & Jace)


mummy I love you


I just love school


Kriss and his grandma Treaty at Jace's first birthday party


Jace wake up the sun is up


Kriss & his cousins Shandi and Harvey Jr. and is that Micky


Kriss and mummy at Jace's birthday party


George & Kriss - brothers forever


mummy want to go for a drive?


Princess get off me!!


mummy you're home!!


Kriss and his cousin Serena


Kriss & Jace on our last vacation in Busche gardens


Kriss & Jace - our final vacation


Kriss enjoying the last vacation we would take


my sweet baby, the last picture mummy would take of you


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