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your loving mum

Memorial created 12-31-2006 by
Rachel Ebanks
Krisstoffer Lloyd Jefferson
March 3 1982 - December 29 2002

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02-08-2007 8:02 AM -- By: Annie Rush,  From: Watford,Herts,England  

Just to say thinking of you Kriss,and your loviely family..God bless sweetheart,stay close to your mum and family,they love and miss you so much xxx


01-25-2007 2:32 PM -- By: Carole (GP) Mom of,  From: Maryland  

Bless your family and your angel Kriss, may peace and Faith keep you strong during this time. The loss of our precious Angels is unbearable, but knowing they are still with us is what keeps us going.

01-25-2007 2:24 PM -- By: Jennifer,  From: florida  

beautiful really beautiful

01-24-2007 2:21 PM -- By: Jodi Exctain,  From: West Bay, Cayman Islands  

Krissy was the sweetest guy, you would ever meet and everytime he saw you, even if it was months, or years that you didnt see each other, he would still treat you and talk to you as if though he just saw and talked to you yesterday, He always stayed the same. It still shocks me today to think that you are gone, but at least I know you are in a better place now. Miss you and love you, Jodi Exctain

01-19-2007 9:35 AM -- By: Gail-,  From: Georgia  

Oh my, your mum was right, such a handsome angel. Kriss, you mum misses you so much. You and Kristin watch after us and lead us in the right direction as much as possible. Give my love to all the angels.

01-19-2007 1:05 AM -- By: Vickey,  From: ILL/US  

Rachel, This memorial for your handsome Kriss is lovingly done. As a fellow traveller on this road, I wish you peace.

01-17-2007 7:56 PM -- By: Bettie,  From: Ohio  

You're in my prayers. No one should ever go through what we are experiencing. I'm so sorry. God bless our children.

01-17-2007 4:57 AM -- By: Steffi Stehwien,  From: Calgary, AB Canada  

Dearest Rachel,

What a beautiful beach to visit your precious Kriss... you are doing a wonderful job on this site to honor your beloved son... my broken heart cries for you... I am so sorry you have to travel this horrific and painful road... I share in your nightmare... as I read your writings I see that my Aaron and your Kriss were so alike. I am sure both our boys have found each other on the other side, as we have found each other here... Thank you for your friendship... I look forward to meeting you in person

sending you much love & hugs

Steffi Aaron's Mom forever brutally murdered @ 18 www.aaronshoulders.ca

01-16-2007 2:20 PM -- By: charlane zigmond,  From: blanco texas  

thank you for sharing your son with me. i know our boys have met in heaven i pray for you to have peace. hugs to you charlane mom to angel shawn thomason

01-16-2007 2:07 PM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom,  From: Arizona  

Dear Kriss,

Your website is sooo beautiful, just as you are. Your mom misses you sooo much, just as I miss Luke. Please give Luke a hug for me. Take care sweetie, and we will see you boys soon.


Christine, Luke's Mom

01-16-2007 1:20 PM -- By: Mary Lynn Baker,  From: Nashville, TN USA  

Dear Rachel, Your Kriss is certainly a handsome man. I am so sorry for your pain and sorrow. Please know I am thinking of you. Mary Lynn Baker mother of Megan Marie Baker

01-13-2007 9:55 PM -- By: Angie,  From: Kentucky  

My mother was murdered too so I can share in your pain and sorrow. Losing someone to murder cuts the soul so deep. Please know that you have someone praying for you and your family. Kriss is in heaven with my mom and I am sure she will take care of him for you. My mom has a memorial here too, cathy gail carnes brown. please visit her site.

If you need someone to talk to, please email me. I will help in any way I can. Please don't hesitate to ask.

Your friend in grief, Angie

12-31-2006 5:12 PM -- By: Rachel Ebanks,  From:  

My darling Kriss, today is exactly four years by day that you left me to go to a better place. I know you are not feeling any pain and no longer have to take those pills that you hated having to take, but baby life down here is filled with with so much pain and I know I'm being selfish for wishing you were here with me. I love and miss you so much baby.

Forever loved and missed.

Your mummy

12-31-2006 5:05 PM -- By: Jace Ebanks,  From:  

Krissie I really miss you, when you left and I didn't see you come back home, I asked mummy how come you didn't come home after four days because Jesus had made the man in the bible come home after four days. So I needed to know why you were not here with me, I needed you to help fix my Zoids.

From your little brother Jace


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