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Memorial created 12-31-2006 by
Rachel Ebanks
Krisstoffer Lloyd Jefferson
March 3 1982 - December 29 2002

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03-30-2007 6:47 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Dear Krissie,

Just stopping in to say " I love and miss you so much."



03-28-2007 12:43 AM -- By: Jenny Smith,  From: Grand Cayman  

Krissie you will be forever in our hearts, we will love you forever and miss you forever. You were such a wonderful young man, so kind and gentle, it hurts so much to know your were so violently taken from us. we will cherish the wonderful times we've had, how you always made time to play with your (girl)cousins...smile.....we love you..we love you...we love you...always

Jen-jen, uncle Ralph, Samara and Shandi

03-28-2007 12:30 AM -- By: Jenny Smith,  From:  

Rachel these pictures are so beautiful, even though I have seen them all already, they are even more beautiful now. It's still so hard to think of Kriss not being here, somethime I think I see him walking through my yard, his presence is so strong. My heart aches so much when I think of him and I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel. I can see him holding Mowo's hand in heaven now, leading her around like he used to do down here. I'm so glad we can look forward to the day when we see him again.

Love , Jenny

03-28-2007 12:30 AM -- By: Jenny Smith,  From:  

Rachel these pictures are so beautiful, even though I have seen them all already, they are even more beautiful now. It's still so hard to think of Kriss not being here, somethime I think I see him walking through my yard, his presence is so strong. My heart aches so much when I think of him and I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel. I can see him holding Mowo's hand in heaven now, leading her around like he used to do down here. I'm so glad we can look forward to the day when we see him again.

Love , Jenny

03-27-2007 2:16 AM -- By: Vitaliy,  From: Michigan, USA  


this is very beautiful site to remember your son. He looked to be very happy person, who had much love for his family. I am glad that he had you as family, and had good life because of that. Much good thoughts to you, and I hope that you will find peace with your memories of him.

03-27-2007 12:33 AM -- By: Shandi Smith,  From: West Bay, Mount pleasant Rd.  

Its never hard to remember kriss...whenever i step through my front door i picture seeing him as i always did...walking across my yard saying "i comin to play barbies with you n samara soon" (of course i was a young child then ;P) but he'd always say that n laugh when i'd say "uh uh BOYS DONT PLAY BARBIES!" :D ....

He's gone.....but he'll NEVER be forgotten.....

Even (for some strange reason) if we wanted to :D

03-25-2007 1:23 PM -- By: Theresa Reichenbach,  From: Florida  

What a beautiful tribute to even more beautiful son. God must have needed Him more than we do, but, Kriss is safe and enjoying heaven.

Love, Michaels\'s Mom

03-23-2007 2:23 PM -- By: Theresa Powell,  From: Cayman Islands  


The time we had to know eachother was cut too short. But I must say time we did had was the best. Your smile! no one had a smile like you. it was when you get a child a candy for being good. Missing you so much

03-23-2007 12:41 PM -- By: Michelle Coleman,  From: West Bay  

Kriss, I will always love you and miss you forever. I will forever hold in my heart our childhood memories :)

03-23-2007 12:24 PM -- By: Debra Smith,  From: Grand Cayman  

Kriss will always be remembered by me and my sister Denise. He had a loving nature and always had funny jokes to share or a trick up his sleave. I remember growing up with him as his brother George and I were inseparable like a pair of twins. Kriss would always join in on our little adventures and he had the sweetest little lisp and I couldn't help but loving him more each time I heard it. When he got older, he then got attached to my baby sister Denise, which led me to see him more often as she would always ask me to take her to see him or Kriss wanted to see her new baby......The memory of him that will always remain is the one I see each and every morning as I drive pass his home. He would stand by the road in the morning or evenings sometimes, just hanging out and saying hi to everyone he knew who passed and I would always shout out to him or stop when I wasn't in a hurry. I miss that very much, so I imagine that he's still there saying hi whenever I cross, and I smile right back each time........He will always be loved and remembered.

03-23-2007 12:01 PM -- By: SHIRLEY BARNETT,  From: WEST BAY  


03-23-2007 11:30 AM -- By: Mary C. Hosty,  From: Mokena, Illinois  

Dear Rachel, I would like you to know I am here for you & know the heartache of losing your precious son Kriss to a senseless, brutal crime....my heart aches for you & I know there aren't any words that could possibly express that I truly do understand the pain of your loss.....I am right here next to you Rachel, I am holding out my hand, please grab hold & hold on tight...this is a difficult journey we are on, but I am right next to you, & "together", we will survive this most painful journey. You've created a loving, very moving tribute to your dearly beloved Kriss....I hope our sons (((Ray & Kriss)))) only know pure joy & are resting in eternal peace....thanks so much for sharing, Rachel Blessings, peace Mary C. Hosty Raymond Douglas Koterba's Mom Brutally Murdered 9/17/72 - 3/16/2005

03-23-2007 11:16 AM -- By: Pat Parker,  From: Forest City, PA  

Dear Rachel, What an Awesome Website You have created In Memory and In Honor of Your Sweet Son Kriss. He was and is such a Handsome, Loving, Caring Young Man. Thank You for sharing These Beautiful Pages of His Website with me. The Tears are coming down my face. My Heart aches for You my Sweet GP Friend. I believe the Lord holding on to Us Moms gets us through One Day at a Time so we can take Care of our other Children. I don't think the Pain in our Heart after losing a Child or Children ever really leaves, until we once again see them in Heaven. Sending Hugs to You and Your Sweet Angel Boy Kriss((((Rachel & Kriss) Love and Prayers, Pat, Mom of Brian and Tim in Heaven (with Your Sweet Boy Kriss) and Sean on Earth. (I see that You Also had Three Sons, same as me.)

03-22-2007 10:49 PM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom,  From: Arizona, USA  


I love all of the additions of all of the beautiful photos of you to your website. You are such a "great" young man. I am so very sorry that you died. Take care Kriss, and please give Luke a hug for me.


Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001

03-22-2007 10:25 AM -- By: Angie,  From: Ky  

Rachel, I love all the pictures of Kriss. He was such a cute little boy. I love it!! I know Kriss would be so proud of you for this tribute to him and for the way you have been such a wonderful friend to me. You are such a sweet woman. I love you so much. Thank you for all your encouragement and love.

Love ya, Angie

03-20-2007 7:22 PM -- By: Lyndie,  From: Marco Island Florida  

(((Rachel))) I know for certain Joey and Kriss are together as heavenly buddies. When I visited your poem page I was number 111 to visit. That is my connecting number with Joey. Now I know he and Kriss were sending me a special sign!!! Way to go Boys. Your site is beautiful! I love you friend Lyndie

03-20-2007 6:42 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: Florida  

Hi Kriss - I love the new pictures your Mom has put here for you. From such a doll baby to a handsome young man. God bless you and yours.

Love, Susan Clint's Mom

03-20-2007 6:35 PM -- By: Rita Josh's mom,  From: Indiana  

this is the e-mail I use for spam bots....

just wanted to say hi to you Kris and tell you Josh will be your big brother in Heaven.



03-20-2007 6:34 PM -- By: Valita,  From: Oregon  

What a handsome young man. Hugs to you sweet man, and hope you have meet my son Anthony. We all will be together again, someday:)

03-20-2007 6:25 PM -- By: Angela,  From: Toledo  

It is not fair that our children had to be taken from us so soon. But they are in a far better place then we are now. Kriss sounds like a Beautiful Young Man, He knows you love him and he loves you to. I know he recieved those 25 kisses you sent to him. Take care I know he is wrapping his wings around you conforting you everyday.

Angela, mother of Thomas

03-20-2007 6:22 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Hi Kriss,

Just passing thru and thought I'd stop and say Hi.

Don't forget to send those hugs and kisses and especially signs to your Mom.

Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom)

03-16-2007 2:02 PM -- By: Brenda,  From: Mississippi  

Dear Rachel,

Thanks for dropping me a note. I am here.

Thinking of you and Kriss today.

May peace and comfort be yours..

Hugs, Brenda Wendy forever 21 www.angelfire.com/in2/Angel2

03-12-2007 11:43 PM -- By: Angie,  From: KY  

Hello my sweet friend, Rachel,

I just thought I would come by and tell you what a wonderful friend you have been to me and how much I love and think about you. I cherish your friendship. Your messages are so touching to my heart. I know that you were sent from Heaven to be my angel to help me get through the hard times. It seems whenever I am having a bad day, I always hear from you. You always make me feel better. I know Kriss much be proud of you, you are such a sweet and caring person. Your son is such a blessing to me as well. I feel like he and Mom have met and are sitting in Heaven together talking about us. I find peace and comfort in knowing he is with mom. He seems like he was a great son. I know he and mom have hit it off.

I could never thank you enough for all your kindness. I truely believe that mom brings people to me that she knows can help me. I feel like she lead me to you. The reason I feel this so strongly is because whenever I read your message or hear from you, I feel her presence. I feel that way with certain people that mom has lead me to. I believe she is ther beside you as you write to me. I feel her love by knowing you. Thank you so much for being my friend and for being so kind to me. I hope one day I can meet you in person here on this earth, but if I can't, I know we will meet in Heaven with mom and Kriss. Thanks again Rachel, for everything.

I love ya so much, Angie

03-11-2007 8:34 PM -- By: ,  From:  

DEAR RACHEL And Kriss,I wanted to come back and visit with you both,I have missed you Both sooo much,I am Glad VM is back up and running again,You have been in my prayers and thoughts ,I am sending you a BIG HUG,God bless you all,Please come and visit with us ,LOVE YOUR FRIEND DARLA

03-07-2007 9:23 PM -- By: Lori Burgstahler,  From: Scottsdale, AZ  


I cannot image the pain you have had to live through. For someone to have taken your precious son away from you -- well, it just seems unfair. I will conitnue praying for you, ((((HUGS))))) to you sweet Rachel and Krisstoffer!

03-01-2007 8:53 PM -- By: Janice,  From: Al  

This is such a touching memorial. I am so sorry for your loss. I will never understand WHY these things happen but I do pray for God to give you the strength to live with this. The death of a child is so hard. It just isn't natural!! My prayers are with you & Kriss's family.. God Bless You! Janice (Nana of Lakyn Rodgers here on VM)

03-01-2007 4:58 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Dear Rachel, I learned of your memorial from my Niece ANGIE,YOU have a very Beautiful Memorial for your son Kriss,We are sooo Honored to Have You and Kriss on our Tribute Page,I am Honored to Have You and your Wonderful Friendship,Angie Thinks the world of you Both,Angie has added New Pages And many Up dates to our Site please come and visit with us Cathy is my Sister,My Daughters Name is Rachel Also,I love that Name,Your Kriss IS A BEAUTIFUL ANGEL IN HEAVEN ,WITH MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER CATHY,IT IS AN HONOR TO MEET YOU BOTH GOD BLESS YOU ALL LOVE YOUR FRIEND DARLA

02-24-2007 6:42 PM -- By: Linda,  From: Pa  

Rachel,What! a beautiful site that you, created for your son Kriss. I am sure that he is very proud of you, for starting it for him,and to him keep his memories alive,and to share his life with others online. I wish you, and your family,'inner Light,Love,and eventually,Inner Peace,!" I am walking in simlair shoes as my only daughter Heather Lynne, was beaten,murdered,and muliated in her own bedroom at her apt in Carolina,Puerto Rico,both her small sons were stolen...... Life is so unfair at times, why! we just do not know,or have the answers ! ---but someday! we shall in God's Time, not our's! Linda,Heather Lynne's Mom 05/21/76-04/19/99

02-21-2007 7:34 PM -- By: Heather Binegar,  From: Indiana  

stay close to your family they need to feel your touch.

02-20-2007 7:23 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Hi Kriss, Just dropping in to tell you how great your Mom is and how nicely she speaks about you. Since you are now on Joey's angel page, I'm sure you are great friends by now. Send your Mom lots of kisses and hugs.

Love,Terrie (Joey's Mom)


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